Personal Trainer in Los Angeles ⭑

I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years and have trained a range of clients from celebrities to military.

My programs are customized, dynamic, and functional — no two clients have the same program and no one does the same workout twice. We use free weights, barbells, kettlebells, TRX, bodyweight, the environment, etc. We can incorporate strikes and self-defense into our sessions too if you want.

I’m upbeat, outgoing, and bring positive energy and enthusiasm to everything I do. I’m more of a cheerleader than a drill sergeant, but can be both when necessary.

A recent client — a 55/yo male starting at 210 pounds and 26% body fat — lost 15 pounds of fat (while building muscle) working with me twice per week for 4 weeks, exceeding his goal. Outside of our 1-hour sessions, he did 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 days per week and followed my nutrition advice, including intermittent fasting.

Just put in the effort, don’t make excuses, and have a good attitude! You’ll be amazed at what you can do…


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